Colombian Artist

Rafael Barros

Emerging Artist/Designer native of Barranquilla, Colombia and with residence in Miami, Florida, he distributes his time between painting, designing, and architecture.

“While beholding my work, I want people to capture the intrinsic essence that enfolds it and not just its mere passing by the minds of the observers. I want my work to leave a long-lasting mark capable of overstepping the existing apathy for facts or circumstances that affect us deeply.  I intend to invite the observer to interact with the work and to discover the message hidden for him in every one of my pieces. In many of my works, I include realistic and imaginary elements with the idea of creating a pictorial richness. I mix neutral backgrounds with different tones in order to achieve certain complexity of color that serves as platform for the objects or characters that lie in the space and who play a central role with a determined meaning or purpose.”

Here are some of his inspiring work!

Captura de pantalla 2015-11-10 22.00.47 Captura de pantalla 2015-11-10 22.01.15

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